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Ingredient : Water, sericin, phenoxyethanol, methyl paraben, ethanol
Made in Japan
Art. No. : SML-001
Content quantity : 50ml


US$36.00/PC at F.O.B. JAPAN


An ingredient of the silk which is near to a property of the human skin.
An undiluted solution of the silk sericin makes your skin moisturize.
It supports your humidity retention power of the skin.



contents:   50ml
Ingredients:   Water, sericin, phenoxyethanol, methyl paraben, ethanol


●Please match with a lotion using the present, and, please use it. (1 push 0.2㎖)
●Please attach it evenly to let you be familiar with a part (hand, elbow, knee, heel) worried about drying of the skin.
●As the making for your original cosmetics of the sensitive skin.
Example) dilute 3% concentration with purified water and heat and dissolve it enough.
It is available as a lotion.

○When you put it on your face directly, please try the inside of the arm in the part which is not outstanding beforehand by all means.
○Because there is the work that silk sericin makes a protective film when you put it directly on the skin, you may feel a feeling of some stiffness to skins.
○Even if inner solution may be rarely divided into two levels during preservation, this is a thing by the natural ingredient, and a product does not have the problem in use.
   We recommend that keep it in refrigerator for a while and stirred up well, and use it .
○ Please do not put back a residue of cosmetics remains on spout of the bottle or cosmetics which you picked up once on your palm.
○Because we use "natural silk sericin" in cosmetics, please use it as soon as possible after opening.

Attention in the use
Please use whether abnormality does not occur on the skin well with caution. When cosmetics do not go with skin, in other words, please cancel use in the following case. Because you may worsen a symptom when you continue just using cosmetics, we recommend what is talked about with dermatologists.
(1) In use, when tinge of red, swelling, an itch, stimulation, color omission (bright spots) or darkening appear
(2) When direct sunlight hits the skin which you used, and abnormality such as the above appears, please do not use it for the parts with the abnormality such as a wound and a lump, a rash.

Safekeeping, Attention in the handling

(1) After use, please close a cap well by all means.
(2) Please keep it out of reach of infants.
(3) Please do not keep it in an extremely high temperature or low temperature place, the place getting the direct rays of the sun.

Know more
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