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                                    materials : Cali containing soap foundation, Sericin, Glycerin,
Water, Etidronic acid, EDTA
Made in Japan
SILK SOAP Art. No. : SSP-001
Weight : 100g


US$6.00/PC  at F.O.B. JAPAN
For your dry skin

◎It is the soap which is kind to skin of the nature protein ingredient silk sericin (natural humidity retention ingredient) combination that is near to skin.
It keep moisture of the skin and wash it with moist feeling.
【Excellent Bubbling Property】

You can wrap skin in the sparkle which is rich in a person worried about drying, the skin roughness from a baby to adult.
Please try healthy moisture with moisture sparkle.
The natural moisture ingredient which the skin of the person has is near at all, and the silk sericin is kind to skin and it is good and is familiar and makes a protective film and protects moisture of the skin.
Weight : 100g(milled soap)
Materials : Cali containing soap foundation, Sericin,  Glycerin,  Water, Etidronic acid, EDTA4Na   

Please beat it with water or tepid water well, and use it.
Attention in the use
When there is an abnormality in skin or when you do not go with skin, please stop use.
Know more
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