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Ingredient :  The Calicomponentsoapgroundwork,sericin, tea extract ※humectant

Made in Japan
Art. No. : SDS-001
Weight : 100g


US$9.00/PC  at F.O.B. JAPAN

A smell of the sweat, aging odors are relieved


Origin of DUOX

Double effect of Humidity retention effect by the sericin and polyphenolic (tea catechin) deodorant effect are loaded with. It is the naming that arranged a duet, Duo (two)


[voice of the customers]
・Washing performance is very soft and smooth and is comfortable.
・The sparkle that a sparkle is good, and the grain is small.
・An unpleasant smell like fish-like smell disappears instantly.

Weight : 100g(milled soap)
Ingredients : The Cali component soap groundwork, sericin, tea extract ※ humectant
 Dip hands into water or hot water, and it is kind to bubble well, and to wrap up a face, a whole body, and, please wash. Please rinse it out enough afterwards.

Attention in the use

・When there is the abnormality including a wound, the rash when it does not go with skin, please stop use.
・When you feel abnormality including the stimulation during use and appeared, please cancel use and recommend the consultation to dermatologists.
・When it gets into eyes and mouth, please wash it away immediately.
・Please avoid a high temperature, high humidity, direct rays of the sun, and, please keep it out of reach of infants.
・It may rarely change color by the safekeeping situation, the use situation for use in naturally derived raw materials, but quality does not have any problem.
・For the property that is easy to dissolve in water, hot water, safekeeping after the use cuts moisture well, and, please keep this article in the good place of the drainage.

※This product does not use an ingredient derived from wheat.

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