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Run-proof, Gradual Compression, PantyMold,
Dia-Gusset Type 
materials : Nylon, Polyurethane
Made in Japan
Art. No. : PP-04A

package size
wide: 14cm
height: 22cm

Minimum order unit : 100 pcs/one color
Price :  US$2.90/pc at F.O.B. JAPAN
M-L :   (Hip : 85cm-98cm, Stature: 150-165cm)
L-LL :  (Hip : 90cm-103cm, Stature: 155-170cm)
Color : 101. Black,   28. Sweet Beige,   047. Sour Beige,   51. Nude Beige
Materials : Nylon, Polyurethane
Origin :  Made in Japan
Characteristic of the product
1. Spandex yarn covered by Nylon yarn 100%
2. Run-proof type
3. Gradual compression type
3. Reinforced Toe
4. Panty Mold Type
5. Dia Gusset
6. Antistatic Treatment
7. Deodrant Treatment
8. Sweat-absorbing Treatment

A new item of Panty hose, produced with Run-Resistant Nylon/Spandex yarn that newly developed by Japanese Yarn Maker, is characterized by Run-Proof effect.
Knitting structure is a plain as usual Panty hose (not mesh type).
If you puncture on this kind of Panty hose, you can see Hole but No Run.
We are confident that this article is nice and new in your market.

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