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materials : Linen Fiber
Made in Japan
あぶらとり紙 紅コラーゲン Art. No. : C01-53

length: 9.5cm
width: 9.5cm

Collagen extractives contained

Preice: US$3.90 / (20 pcs x 1 set) at F.O.B. JAPAN

Product Explanation
 "COLLAGEN" Oil-blotting Facial Paper contained collargen extractives
The paper which was made when it produced gold leaf has been valued high as paper for oil blotting from long ago.
"COLLAGEN" is able to adsorb extra sebum softly only touching the skin quietly because moment power of absorption is high.
It is kind to skin, and touch up your make‐up in a little time.
It is the just right size that this can be in the makeup porch.
Characteristic of the product

Soft and comfortable to the touch
"COLLAGEN" is the top quality of Oil-Blotting Facial Paper produced by tapping carefully original paper many times.
"COLLAGEN" is velvety-textured and fit gently to the skin of your face.
Original raw paper

Original raw paper becomes smooth by beating paper many times.

The beat paper fits an irregularity of the skin kindly.

Absorb only extra Sebum
Because smash fiber and raise density to the maximum, the big particle of foundation powder is hard to adsorb but absorbs only sebum well.
It is most suitable for touching up makeup quickly because it is just only tapping.
The Oil-Blotting Facial Paper adsorbs only sebum just to put it on the skin quietly.

あぶらとり紙 (Oil-Blotting Facial Paper)
お肌 (skin)
皮脂   (sebum)
パウダー (foundation powder)

The secret of the power of absorption "a lattice"
By the special patent manufacturing method we put latticework on a high quality original paper material,
as for the quantity of absorption of the sebum, and the quickness of the absorption that is industry leader class.
Only put it on the skin quietly without rubbing it and absorb sebum to be worried about in an instant.

The reliable reliability that was supported
You can sense difference in power of absorption compared with other products once if you use our paper.
Our oil-blotting facial paper has high power of absorption and softness and removes only the sebum which is extra without hurting skin quietly at a moment.
※Analysis by SCAS (Sumika Chemical Analysis Service)
※Each data perform each sample five times measurement and show the mean.
Comparison with other companies of the quantity of artificial fat absorption per unit area

箔一 (Our Oil-Blotting Facial Paper)
A社  (Major cosmetics maker)
B社  (local maker)
古紙   (old paper) 
D社    (major cosmetics specialty shop)

The safe material that it was selected carefully
Our oil-blotting facial paper does not include fluorescent substance at all.
In addition, the material is selected carefully from natural hemp and produces it.
The natural hemp is fast-growing, and a crop is possible in 2-3 years.
With material in consideration for environment, we produce our oil-blotting facial paper under the thorough hygiene management in the factory which acquired ISO9001 which is an international standard.

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