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Ingredients : excellent olive oil, black vinegar unrefined sake end, dry egg yolk (including the egg), collagen peptide (fish origin) (gelatin),  unscented garlic, hyaluronic acid, Hematococcus algae extract, soybean embryo extract (isoflavone component) / gelatin, glycerin, fatty acid ester of glycerin, vitamin C, vitamin E
Made in Japan
バイタリティアップ・プラス Art. No. : VEY-001 (EBM-001)
Article Name: Garlic egg yolk nice well and (Energy & Beauty Max)
Content quantity : 13.5g


US$18.00/PC at F.O.B. JAPAN
A perfectly balanced garlic egg yolk is for the supplementation of nutrients that is apt to be short!

    A perfectly balanced garlic egg yolk is combined with hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamin C which is necessary to live active daily life youthfully forever adding Astaxanthin of the power source of the natural world.
Moreover to a perfect balance garlic egg yolk of the original combination we added "black vinegar unrefined sake" which combined nine kinds of essential amino acids-rich and nice ingredient "soy isoflavone" for women.

Please exploit for spirit and vitality every day by all means!

a perfect balance nourishing food


The garlic is the food which is indispensable in our eating habits because the garlic is effective in relieving fatigue and nutrition and invigoration, sterilization.

The garlic egg yolk is the traditional food in Japan which each domestic mother made it from old days and it is handmade.

It was useful for the health maintenance of the times when medicine and medical supplies were not readily available and has been inherited from ancient times.

"Garlic egg yolk nice well" and " Energy & Beauty Max" combine seven ingredients of black vinegar unrefined sake, soy isoflavone, hyaluronic acid, fish collagen, Astaxanthin, vitamin C, vitamin E based on a garlic egg yolk.

Each ingredient draws a synergistic effect.
We right recommend it to the modern people whom fatigue is easy to accumulate as a perfect balance nourishing food.

Importance of the garlic


By the "designer foods plan" which American National Laboratory casted 20 million dollars, approximately 40 kinds of food, food compositions were analyzed and elucidated scientifically, while lifestyle-related diseases such as the obesity are worsen, and made food list shown sequentially the importance for health maintenance like a left-hand figure .
With the this food list, we can see how garlic (
にんにく) is the food which is important to health. 




a synergistic effect of garlic and egg yolk

The egg is food having a very abundant nutrient.
It is clear at a glance if I watch an everyday dining table!
The egg is essential in our eating habits.

Besides, the important ingredients such as protein, lipid, vitamins, mineral are included in an egg in a very good balance, and the important essential amino acids for making a body are included abundantly.

The lecithin included in the egg yolk is disintegrated in the body, and becomes the ingredient called Colin and becomes the materials of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. This acetylcholine is one of the neurotransmitters of the parasympathetic system and cannot miss the intake of the egg yolk in taking the comfortable sleep because it is secreted at the time of relaxation.

In addition, there is much one considered , "a cholesterol level rises when taking the egg yolk", but can have it in peace because it is good cholesterol that is included in the egg yolk of the "Garlic egg yolk nice well" and " Energy & Beauty Max".


When aricine of the garlic ingredient is combined with the lecithin which is the major components of the egg yolk, It changes to lipid aricine. When lipid aricine does help to reduce bad cholesterol causing an arteriosclerosis and help to remove active oxygen (anti-oxidant action) assumed aging and a big factor of illness, it creates a large work that prevents a lifestyle-related disease to be concerned with life. It support the health of a person wishing youthfully forever well.

Hyaluronic acid & Collagen


The fish collagen which is indispensable to keep the tension and elasticity on your skin and highly-pure hyaluronic acid are combined with "Garlic egg yolk nice well" and " Energy & Beauty Max" .

Furthermore, it is added vitamin C, vitamin E which worked important to synthesis of collagen in the body.

It is not only a gem of the superior quality to help for health but also to beauty.


Source of the power : Astaxanthin

Astaxanthin is a pigment material included in the algae called Hematococcus and is a kind of the carotenoid same as β-carotene or lycopene.
Astaxanthin has a very high antioxidant action in a material of the natural world, and the strong power is said to be approximately 1,000 times of vitamin E.

It is related to the body of the salmon being red that they eats algae included this pigment ingredient, Astaxanthin in the richness.
Active oxygen is generated in large quantities in the body of the salmon by taking ultraviolet rays in a shallow river.

However, Astaxanthin remove active oxygen by a function of antioxidation, and it is with the cause to bring about power to enable severe exercise to go up in a river, and it is said Astaxanthin that the salmon can arrive at the spawning ground safely.

"Garlic egg yolk nice well" and " Energy & Beauty Max", it combine Astaxanthin, source of the power of the wonder, that this nature produces and power it up as garlic egg yolk food more.


Name: garlic egg yolk processed food

Ingredients : excellent olive oil, black vinegar unrefined sake end, dry egg yolk (including the egg), collagen peptide (fish origin) (gelatin), unscented garlic, hyaluronic acid, Hematococcus algae extract, soybean embryo extract (isoflavone component) / gelatin, glycerin, fatty acid ester of glycerin, vitamin C, vitamin E

Inner capacity: 13.5 g (450 mg/one tablet, 30 tablets in one pouch)

The nourishment ingredient energy per two tablets (approximately 0.9 g): 5.6kcal, protein 0.26 g, lipid, 0.43 g, carbohydrates 0.17 g, salt substantial amount 0.00094 g

Usage: Please have around 1-2 tablets a day with water or tepid water after the balanced meal.

Expiration date: listed it in a product label

Attention in the use
・Please keep it out of reach of infants.
・in the characteristic of the plant material, there is the case that uneven coloring produces, but it has no a problem in the quality.
・When it is thought that it does not match constitution, please cancel the use at one time and come to talk to a doctor.
・The person having an allergy to raw materials, please refrain from the use .

Preservation method: Please avoid high temperature and humidity and direct rays of the sun and please save it in a cool and dark space.

Division: health food

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