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Plaid (purple)
materials : cotton 100%
Made in Japan
Wガーゼ チェック柄 Art. No. : co2-20001

width: 113cm

color: purple

less than 1,000m order/1 color : US$12.50/m at F.O.B. JAPAN

more than 1,000m order/1 color : US$8.70/m at F.O.B. JAPAN

Product explanation

It is the double gauze of 100% of cotton.
Seemingly you look like stripes, but light cream enters and becomes the checked pattern.
This cloth characterized by soft feel is available in reversible.
Because there is not much translucency, it is recommended to the yard goods such as a tunic or the blouse.
In addition, you can use it for the clothes of the baby because it has soft feel.
Characteristic of the product

Available in reversible
The comfort which this cloth is reversible and can use.

Double gauze
The gauze was the tender cloth for coarse plain weave of the texture and put this on the double gauze two pieces.
The double gauze has the heat retention and the feel is good softly, too.
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