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Silhouetted creature
materials : cotton 100%
Made in Japan
Wガーゼ ジャカード織 生物シルエット Art. No. : co2j-80001

width: 112cm
weight: 336g/m

color: one color

less than 1,000m order/1 color : US$12.50/m at F.O.B. JAPAN

more than 1,000m order/1 color : US$8.70/m at F.O.B. JAPAN

Product explanation

It is the double gauze jacquard texture creature silhouette of 100% of cotton.
This cloth is interesting with the novelty that a person, an animal, an insect mingled by polychromatic coloration; is designed.
It is double gauze, and the translucency is recommended to bags or yard goods because there is not it.
In addition, the gauze is recommended to the child goods of the heavy sweater because water absorptivity is the good subject matter.

Characteristic of the product

Animal pattern
The silhouette of the various animals including a deer and a person and the insect is drawn.

Cloth strong well
Because it becomes this cloth is quite thicker, and strong made, it is available in bags well.

Double gauze
The gauze was the tender cloth for coarse plain weave of the texture and put this on the double gauze two pieces.

The W gauze has the heat retention, too, and the feel is good softly, too.

Jacquard texture
It is woven with "a jacquard texture" with taste different from the print again.

The jacquard texture is the textile which is high-quality in special how to weave to create patterns only with a vertical thread and a horizontal thread.

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