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Dots (pastel red, pastel blue)
materials : cotton 100%
Made in Japan
水玉パステルシリーズ Art. No. : co2j-40007

width: 114cm
weight: 140g/m

pastel red, pastel blue

less than 1,000m order/1 color : US$12.50/m at F.O.B. JAPAN

more than 1,000m order/1 color : US$8.70/m at F.O.B. JAPAN
Product explanation

It is cloth of the water drop pattern of 100% of cotton.
It is double gauze cloth comfortable very softly.
The softness and a gentle atmosphere when you wore it are attractive.
In addition, it is cloth of the atmosphere that is gentle in a dot of the pastel color.
We prepared pretty two colors.
Because the gauze is the material which water absorptivity has good, it is the item which is good to a heavy sweater baby and kids.
It is recommended for bunting and underwear, baby sti.
Characteristic of the product

Pastel color
It is cloth for double gauze having a cute pastel color.

Double gauze
The gentle atmosphere that it has a soft feeling in the double gauze is attractive.
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