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Triangle (5 colors)
materials : cotton 100%
Made in Japan
トライアングル Art. No. : para-co2j-80002

width: 115cm
weight: 146g/m

colors:  Black, Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow

less than 1,000m order/1 color : US$12.50/m at F.O.B. JAPAN

more than 1,000m order/1 color : US$8.70/m at F.O.B. JAPAN
Product explanation
 It is the motif cloth of 100% of cotton.
It is the North European-style design using the triangle.It becomes the tender double gauze cloth softly.
Because water absorptivity is the good subject matter, the gauze is good to the child of the heavy sweater.
Because it is five colors of pretty colorful deveropment, please enjoy different colors and pair.

※Because we finish weaving this product with an unbleached thread, black grains are seen in this cloth surface by all means.These black grains are pieces of the plants and are not avoided in making unbleached cloth.
The yellow is outstanding, and thank you for your understanding beforehand.
Characteristic of the product

North European style
The design using the triangle of the geometrical pattern is North European-style and is pretty.
Because a color turns over with double gauze on the front and back, it is reversible and can use this cloth.
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